YoungLives Camp

If you frequent my blog, you’ve probably read at least one article about YoungLives. If you aren’t familiar with the ministry, it’s a branch of Young Life specifically for teen moms. I’m extremely passionate about the beautiful this work this organization is doing. This past week, I got a chance to participate in their service… Continue reading YoungLives Camp

Reconciling Teenage Pregnancy and the Church

The United States has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the western world. Due to conflicting religious and political dialogues, American society as a whole cannot determine any particular method of prevention or response to teenage pregnancy that is both moral and effective. However, there are a variety of organizations that attempt to… Continue reading Reconciling Teenage Pregnancy and the Church

The Substitute Teacher’s Anchovy Cult

“Mom, this sounds like a cult,” I complained as she parked our car in a vacant lot downtown. “It’s a youth group. Mr. Lloyd runs it.” Right. Mr. Lloyd, a substitute teacher who met my mom via dog park. “What kind of youth group meets in The Children’s Place?” “It’s in the basement.” “Why not… Continue reading The Substitute Teacher’s Anchovy Cult