He promised to meet me at baggage claim. That was before. Six months later, I find my daisy-patterned luggage on my own and depart the airport hand-in-hand with souvenirs that I’ll keep. He drove me to the airport. We embraced each other in his car. He clung to me as if it was the last… Continue reading Fracture

Prophecy of the Phoenix Part I

Lear, a halfling of M’Rod, rushed to the alcove at the heart of Fiddlehead Forest. Kithri, the fae who cared for the woodland creatures, poured mushroom stew into wooden bowls under the tall oak tree. The animals waited in anticipation as she passed out meals to each of them. “I’m here! I’m here!” Lear cried. “Save some stew for… Continue reading Prophecy of the Phoenix Part I