World Impact Ministry in Newark, NJ

This week I was incredibly blessed to volunteer at World Impact in Newark, NJ. World Impact has maintained a presence in Newark since 1976. Early emphasis was on Bible clubs for neighborhood children. The ministry expanded over the years and currently includes four active church plants, a Christian mission school, theological training for local leaders… Continue reading World Impact Ministry in Newark, NJ

Tolkien and Lewis in the Hallway of Christianity

The legendary friendship of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien revolved around two lifelong passions they shared: religion and literature. Without these key factors of their relationship, the worlds of Narnia and Middle Earth would not be the classic works available to readers today. While Tolkien played a pivotal role in Lewis’s conversion to Christianity, they… Continue reading Tolkien and Lewis in the Hallway of Christianity

The Substitute Teacher’s Anchovy Cult

“Mom, this sounds like a cult,” I complained as she parked our car in a vacant lot downtown. “It’s a youth group. Mr. Lloyd runs it.” Right. Mr. Lloyd, a substitute teacher who met my mom via dog park. “What kind of youth group meets in The Children’s Place?” “It’s in the basement.” “Why not… Continue reading The Substitute Teacher’s Anchovy Cult