Reading for the Love of God

“The mind does not require filling like a bottle, but rather kindling to create in it an impulse to think independently and an ardent desire for the truth” —Plutarch Higher education involves a myriad of different types of people working together to further their intelligence. This includes everyone from physical education majors to engineering majors,… Continue reading Reading for the Love of God

Serving in D.C.

What do college students do when they have a four-day break in between a month-long intensive course and spring semester? Go on a service trip to Washington D.C., of course! I spent this past weekend at the Steinbruck Center in D.C. with eight other students from my school. This trip was rooted not only in… Continue reading Serving in D.C.

Screwtape Defeated

Our story starts with Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning, God created everything, and He saw that it was good.” The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis explores the relationships between demons, God, and humans. On the other hand, “The Triumph of Easter” from Letters to a Diminished Church by Dorothy Sayers accounts for the sacrifice and… Continue reading Screwtape Defeated

Luck in The Sweet Hereafter

In his novel The Sweet Hereafter, Russel Banks explores the aftermath of tragedy through the lens of four different points of view: Dolores Driscoll, Billy Ansel, Mitchell Stephens, and Nichole Burnell. The characters each have a different perspective in the “sweet hereafter” of a school bus crash in which a majority of the town’s children… Continue reading Luck in The Sweet Hereafter