Exposing the Meyerist Cult

Move over, Netflix original series. “The Path,” an original Hulu series, confronts controversial topics from cult practices to immigration through a delightful fusion of mystery and drama with hints of the supernatural. The show focuses on a fictitious system of beliefs known as Meyerism. Based loosely on Scientology, the Meyerist Spiritual Movement follows the teachings… Continue reading Exposing the Meyerist Cult

The Neighbors We Aren’t Serving

Are you an organized person? Maybe you like to separate your jeans from your shorts, and even keep them in different drawers. While that certainly makes it easier to find your favorite outfit in the morning, what happens when you come home from shopping with a brand new pair of jean shorts? Where do they… Continue reading The Neighbors We Aren’t Serving

Called to Unity

I attend Messiah College, a non-denominational Christian school. “Non-denominational” means “open or acceptable to people of any Christian denomination.” However, most non-denominational churches adhere to Protestant tenants, as do many of my peers. Due to my Episcopal roots, I struggled to spiritually plant myself at Messiah. The first time I attended Powerhouse, the student-run worship… Continue reading Called to Unity

An Attack on Humanity

This morning, the largest mass shooting of American history left 50 people dead and at least 53 injured. The gunman Omar Mateen (now dead) called the police around the time of the attack to pledge allegiance to ISIS and mention the Boston bombers. Mateen targeted the Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, FL. The event… Continue reading An Attack on Humanity

Breaking The Bathroom Binary

After Target’s transgender bathroom policy and North Carolina’s bathroom bill, bathrooms are the current battleground where liberals and conservatives alike fight for their values. The liberal side argues that everyone deserves the right to use the bathroom that matches his or her gender identity rather than biological sex, while conservatives counter that this opens doors… Continue reading Breaking The Bathroom Binary

The Motivation of Death

In his commencement address to Stanford University, Steve Jobs discusses his own response in the face of death and its impact on his motivation to live a meaningful life. Jobs argues that “Death is very likely the single best invention of life.” Here, he touches on a claim pertinent to Christian life: in creating death,… Continue reading The Motivation of Death

The Achievement Gap

Horace Mann, educational reform leader and founder of the common school, declared public school to be “the great equalizer” because all students received the same education allocated by the state. While each school distributes similar materials and curricula, the quality of education differs immensely. Although public school was established in order to provide free, quality… Continue reading The Achievement Gap