Why Georgia teachers are being paid more than their peers in other states

Georgia teachers have been getting paid more in their states than their counterparts in most other states, a new report has found.

The Georgia Education Association, an advocacy group that advocates for teachers, said teachers in Georgia are earning more than state employees.

Georgia Education Association president David G. Steegers told The Associated Press the state’s public school system pays about $11,000 a year in salary to more than 200,000 teachers.

About 15 percent of the teachers in the state make more than $150,000, he said.

A spokeswoman for the Georgia Education Department said the report is preliminary and would be updated as the data becomes available.

While Georgia teachers earn more than most states, it’s not clear whether the pay disparity is a result of the fact that some districts are run by union members or if the state has an unequal number of teachers.