Why are teachers still having trouble finding teachers?

We’re at the height of the job market for teachers, with the average teacher earning $40,000 annually.

However, it’s also been a tough year for many teachers across the US. 

In a recent interview with Mashable, teacher-training site, VipKid, which is dedicated to teaching students online, reported a steep drop in applications and an uptick in attrition. 

The company found that the number of applicants to its platform has dropped to just 5,500 in January of 2018. 

It’s clear that we need to invest in the education pipeline to help teachers make a living, and with that, we’ve seen a drastic decline in the number and number of teachers applying for positions. 

VipKid founder and CEO James D. Lewis said: Teachers are being told they are too expensive. 

We know that the best way to make a teaching job a reality is by investing in quality education, not by making it more expensive.

There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that teachers are increasingly seeking out other types of work, like retail, that are more expensive and difficult to get a foothold in. 

According to the survey conducted by VipKids, one in three teachers had already applied for a new position. 

However, the company also found that over one in six teachers applied for positions they weren’t offered. 

So what’s the reason for the lack of applications? 

According Lewis, there are several factors that contribute to the drop in applicants, including lack of experience, a lack of interest in teaching, a shortage of qualified candidates and a lack or unwillingness to invest. 

Lewis also noted that, in addition to having less money, students are also struggling to learn the most basic of lessons. He added: We see a lot of the same challenges that we see in our classroom. 

Teacher shortages are a big issue for many districts, especially the rural communities.

There’s a lot more of a demand for teaching and it’s a big concern for schools in these rural areas. 

While the number one reason for applicants not being able to land a teaching position has to do with lack of knowledge and experience, the other big reason is because people are not interested in the profession. 

If you’ve been working as a teacher in the past, you know that this is an opportunity that has a lot to offer and if you can’t get a job in the industry, you have to look for another profession.

Lewis added: We also know that a lot is happening in the country to address the education gap, which includes teachers’ unions and advocacy groups like Teach for America. 

What can you do to help increase your chances of getting hired as a new teacher? 

You can also sign up for VipKidd’s teacher-friendly app, which helps you find teachers with the best job prospects. 

Another good tool for looking for a teacher is the VipJobs site, which has been helping students search for teaching jobs for the past several years. 

For more information on this article, read Mashable’s article on why teachers aren’t getting hired. 

Want more?

Here are a few resources to help you get a head start: VIPKid offers a virtual job board for teachers and includes a job-hunting tool. 

Get your resume and cover letter in a PDF file, so that you can quickly fill it out online. 

Make sure you have a website or a blog that you use regularly. 

Be a regular member of the community. 

Visit the VIPKid website and look for teaching opportunities. 

Find a local school district. 

Check out local school boards and find out how to apply for positions in your area. 

Go to Teach for Ameri to get tips on how to find a teacher. 

Follow Teach for American to get advice on applying to jobs and careers in the field.