The Dirty Teacher Portal, the teacher poem of the NHL player GoGoGo Kodjoe

Teachers’ poems are among the best of the game, and many of the best have been found on the Internet, but few have found their way into the NHL.

GoGo Kodjo, who spent the last two years playing for the Chicago Blackhawks, found a new home in the NHL on the back of his teachers’ poem, and his work was on display at the NHLPA’s annual awards ceremony on Saturday night.

The Blackhawks made the playoffs last year, winning the Stanley Cup.

The Blackhawks were the NHL’s second-leading goal scorer behind only the Montreal Canadiens, but they were a mess offensively.

Kodjoes work is an example of the Blackhawks’ struggles on the power play.

In his poem, Kodjohos message to the Blackhawks was, “GoGo, you need to go to the playoffs.

I can see you now, you were just a garbage puck in a garbage net.

Go go.”

His poem was a big hit with fans, who liked Kodjo’s message of perseverance and hope, and fans took to Twitter to thank him.

“GoGo’s teachers are the best, they have a message of hope and the most important thing is to give their kids the best,” said Chris DeCicco, a Blackhawks fan from New York who was in attendance at the event.

“They have the message of ‘I’ll do my best, I’ll fight for them, I can do this.'”

“You gotta be there for your kids, even if they are not the biggest fans of you,” added DeCICCO.

“But, you know, you gotta be able to be there.”

In the poem, which Kodjos said was inspired by his father, Kodjo tells his story of a young boy who is a gifted athlete.

“My father was a very talented basketball player and his dad taught him how to play basketball,” Kodjose told The Associated Press in an interview.

“So my dad taught me how to be a player, and I was very good in basketball.”

Kodjos father was not a star player, but he did play basketball for a couple of years at the University of Wisconsin.

Kodjo said his father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and was diagnosed three years ago, so the only thing that kept him from playing basketball was his disability.

Kodjo said he did not have much help from his parents in the classroom.

“I didn’t have any teachers at school, and they didn’t even really know how to talk to me,” he said.

“I didn�t really have anything to do with it.

I just played hockey and that was it.”

Koyo is not the only one who finds inspiration in Kodjoen teachers’ poems.

Kodjahs poem about the hockey player was also written by former Wisconsin Badgers forward Josh Morrissey, who played for the New Jersey Devils from 2004 to 2008.

The poem reads: “Josh Morrissey / The kid that we’re so happy to see / The player that we need to see.”

“I can’t wait to read this poem and share it with my wife and kids,” Morrissey told AP.

“My son is going to be so proud of me when he gets to read it.”