When the Teachers Union and the School Board Are Dead

In a video that’s been shared thousands of times, one of the teachers in the South African high school where two teenage girls were kidnapped and murdered by their teacher has spoken out for the first time.

The teacher who went public with her feelings about her boss, the South Africa School Board, told MTV News she has not seen her former boss since she left the school.

In her video, the teacher spoke about her feelings for her boss.

She says that when she and her friends were going to meet her old boss to celebrate her 25th birthday, the boss asked her to wear a skirt and heels for the occasion.

“She told us that it was not appropriate,” the teacher said.

“It was just a dress code that we were taught.

I told her that I thought that was inappropriate.”

“When I left the classroom, I was very shocked because it had happened to me,” she said.

The video, which was made by the South Australian Teachers Union (SATU), was shared thousands and thousands of time on Facebook and Instagram.

The Teachers Union is part of the government and they represent teachers, but they do not have a political voice in South Africa.

“We have not received any formal notification from the government,” the head of the Teachers union, Praveen Pandey, told the BBC.

The head of SUTU said the video was not intended to be an attack on her boss but rather to help the students.

“If there is a teacher who has to face this kind of thing every day, there will be no doubt in my mind that the teacher is a hero,” Pandey said.

She said that the video showed that there were “many teachers who did not have the courage to come forward” because they were afraid to be identified.

The teachers union has been fighting for years against the teachers pay rise and the decision to remove their union representation.

The union has also fought against the removal of teachers from the school board.

“I’m proud of my teacher and that’s what’s important,” the female teacher said in the video.

“What matters is that I’m not the one who lost my daughter.”

The teacher said that her bosses decision to leave the school was motivated by her desire to become a nurse and the fact that the students were learning on the street.

“My decision was to come to the school to work on the streets to learn,” she added.

“The school board is doing nothing for us.”

The South African Police Service said that it does not know why the teacher left the South Africans education system.

“South African Police will not comment on an individual’s private life,” said a statement.

“However, when there is any information which would lead to the arrest of the individual or an allegation of an offence, the investigation is referred to the South Korean Police.”

A spokesman for the South KwaZulu-Natal police told the ABC that it had not received a formal complaint about the teacher’s Facebook post.

“A senior officer has spoken to the woman and provided a statement,” the spokesman said.