Teacher Salary Survey: What teachers and principals should know

The New York Times is offering a comprehensive look at the salaries of New York City teachers, and the results are in.

The Times is providing the most comprehensive look yet at the compensation of New Yorkers, with a total of more than 4,000 teachers and school principals across the state.

The survey was conducted by the school district, and it includes information on how many teachers earn more than $100,000 annually, how many make more than that, how much they are paid, and where they live.

The salary survey has been a longtime tradition for the Times, which has long published salary data that includes salary ranges for teachers, principals, school employees, and school districts.

However, this year the Times decided to take a more proactive approach, which includes conducting its own salary survey.

This year’s salary survey covers nearly 4,500 New York teachers and 4,300 principals.

The paper’s survey also includes information about whether the principal is paid more than the teachers, whether the teachers make more money than the principals, and how much the principals are paid.

The data includes information from principals, teachers, teachers’ unions, and students, so it’s possible that the results may differ from the data the Times provides.

What to know about New York’s Teacher Salary Surveys: Teacher Salary and the New York State Salary Survey