Teacher, Art Teacher, & Teacher to Be Together After Sex-Based Discrimination Lawsuit

The teacher and art teacher from New Jersey who sued the New Jersey Department of Education over a sex-based discrimination law suit are to be together in a “shared commitment” after the lawsuit was dismissed on Thursday, according to court documents.

Kristi Lee and her husband, Robert Lee, sued the department over the Sex Discrimination Act, which requires public schools to allow students to wear and wear clothes that “respect” them based on gender identity and expression, according a press release.

They allege that the district’s “non-disparagement policy, policy statements, and policy directives are all non-disproportionate, based on the actual or perceived sex and gender of students, and violate Title IX, Title VII, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits sex discrimination in educational settings.”

The Lee family’s lawsuit argues that the law “provides no clear guidance for school districts and school districts cannot create policies that violate this Court’s previous decisions.”

In the wake of the suit, the school district announced that it was ending the non-discriminatory policy that was in place since 2009.