How to make a Texas teacher training certificate without paying a dime

You’re probably wondering, what can I expect to pay for my teacher certification?

And if you’re a teacher, how much money can you expect to make from the process?

Here’s what you need to know.


You can get a teacher certification without paying tuition 2.

You don’t need to have a degree in education to get a Texas teaching certification 3.

You could pay for a certificate without going to a classroom 4.

You’ll get to teach anywhere in Texas with no additional fees 5.

Your certification will last a lifetime, even if you leave the profession 6.

It will only take you a few years to earn a Texas teachers certification 7.

You won’t have to do any work before you get your certificate 8.

And you’ll have access to online certification tools, such as the National Teacher Training Center’s Teacher Certification Marketplace 9.

You might not have to be a Texas resident to get your teacher certification 10.

And if your children aren’t in the classroom yet, they will have the chance to earn their Texas teacher certification 11.

It takes a year to earn your Texas teacher certifications and you can start applying to the school as soon as you can.


And it’s free!


It’ll take you less than three months to get the Texas teaching credential you want!


Here’s a list of Texas schools that offer a Texas educator certification.

1/8/17: Here’s how to apply to teach in Texas, and get a teaching certification.