How to get your teacher certification in just three steps

A recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics found that while more than 40 percent of US teachers have received their certification, less than half of their students have actually completed the certification.

The study found that a mere 22 percent of teachers in California, New York, Massachusetts and Texas had completed the requirements.

The vast majority of students in these states also failed to complete the certification, with nearly half failing to meet the requirement that they teach “at least a one-credit course or more.”

“I know it sounds crazy,” said teacher Rebecca Poynter, who took part in the study.

“But I think it’s the truth.”

The study also found that teachers who failed to pass the certification could face sanctions.

For example, teachers who passed the test but didn’t complete the certificate could face penalties including suspensions and possible discipline from the state.

“If you pass the test, then you can’t be a teacher anymore,” said Poyner.

The NCSES study also noted that a significant number of teachers had multiple teachers who had passed the certification but who didn’t meet the required teaching level.

It also found an increase in the number of districts that were in compliance with the certification requirement, with more than 7.7 million teachers in more than 10,000 districts.

A number of the districts that failed to meet certification requirements had higher test scores.

In the Northeast, the most difficult district to meet was in the New York City metro area, where the test score average was 928.3, while the least difficult was in Florida, where it was 792.3.