This octopus teacher has been on the job for seven years, says her employers

A teacher has taught her first lesson of the new year in a school that’s run by a foreign student for seven consecutive years.

Auckland school teacher Melissa Kelleher says she was impressed with the teachers work ethic and commitment to the school.

“They really know how to communicate and the students really want to know what’s going on and they want to learn about the history of the school and everything,” she said.

“I love it.”

The school has a large international population and is one of the only New Zealand schools run by overseas students.

Kelleher, a former English teacher who now teaches children in her hometown of Auckland, said her school had become a popular destination for foreign students, including from China, India, Pakistan and Russia.

“If I was a Chinese student coming here I wouldn’t be able to do my English, so I’ve got to do some English first,” she explained.

“So it’s really great that I can be in a place where I’m actually able to learn and do my own thing.”

The international nature of the class also attracted students from a number of countries including the UK, France, Spain, Australia and Germany.

“We had about 60 students coming in for the first time,” Kelleer said.

The school’s new English teacher, who’s now a part-time full-time lecturer, says she loves the experience”The teachers really know the language and the history and we’ve done a lot of research on the history.”

It’s really nice to be able, when I’m here, to be in that room with the students, and have them understand it.

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