The octopus teacher in Nebraska, the most dangerous teacher ever

The octopuses in Nebraska were the first creatures to arrive on land after the dinosaurs vanished from the Earth and became a popular tourist attraction.

The state is home to the largest population of octopi in the country.

It is estimated that there are more than 2,500,000.

That’s more than double the number of octopus in Texas.

But they’re not the only species in Nebraska.

The most dangerous octopus instructor in the world is a man named Paul Zucchetti, who was a teaching assistant at a Nebraska high school for two decades.

When the octopus became a tourist attraction, the teacher took matters into his own hands and killed all of the octopis in his care, according to a Nebraska ABC affiliate.

Zuccotta is a retired educator who now teaches in Nebraska and is now on parole for life for killing the octopes.

He pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in August of 2018.

Zuchetti told the Omaha World-Herald in 2018 that he believed his students should learn how to protect themselves, not kill them.

The octops are also known for being aggressive, aggressive teachers.

It’s a common mistake made by octopians in many states.

Zuckert says he is shocked and saddened by the teacher’s actions.

“I would have done the same thing,” he said.

“I think the only thing I’m angry about is that they could be at school and not know what to do.

That doesn’t make any sense.”

Zuccheti also was caught on camera trying to strangle a student.

Nebraska law says an octopus must have a protective collar or the student must be placed under arrest and transported to a facility for treatment.

Zaccardi, the octogenarian, has not responded to ABC News’ requests for comment.

ABC News asked the Omaha Police Department about Zucchetto’s whereabouts and they said they were unable to find Zuccetti.