Teachers have fun teaching in Iowa, have fun, high school student

Teachers in Iowa have a fun time at their schools, with students doing fun things like throwing firecrackers, playing in the park and even taking part in the game “Fireball.”

Teachers have even got kids playing soccer in the playground, where kids are getting ready to throw their soccer balls.

It’s just a lot of fun for parents.

The kids have a lot to learn and they get to experience life on a whole new level, said Jennifer Dube, principal of East Middle School.

The school has a basketball league, a volleyball league and the kids are having fun.

“Kids can learn, play and be creative, they can go on a field trip, they’re just doing it to get outside,” Dube said.

It is the kids’ own choice to participate in these activities.

The goal of the games is to learn how to play the game, said Dube.

“I think kids like the challenge and I think it is great to see,” she said.

The game has grown from its humble beginnings to now, with more than 100 kids playing each week, according to Dube’s office.

“It is a great way to get kids involved in something that is a hobby and a passion of their own,” Duba said.

Dube believes the game is a perfect fit for the schools environment, as it is fun and has a good balance between physical activity and learning.

“The kids are enjoying the sport,” Dubes statement said.

“They are getting to play in the backyard, playing basketball, and they are getting a chance to have a little bit of fun.”

Dube hopes that the game will grow as a part of the school community.

“A lot of kids will be interested to see that we have a game that they can enjoy,” DUBE said.

She added that parents will have to register their kids.

The district plans to continue working with other districts to make sure the game can continue to grow.