Teachers are ‘my octopus’ teacher portal, thanks to my octopuses

Teachers and students are sharing their experiences and sharing stories online with the help of a website called MyOctopusTeacherPortal.

(Published Monday, Oct. 6, 2018)The site has been in existence for about a year, and its purpose is to share teacher-student stories from around the globe.

The site is hosted by a group of students and teachers from across the globe who are all sharing their stories and sharing experiences in the hopes of sharing their own experiences as well.

Many teachers say the experience has been extremely positive and they are now actively seeking out more teachers to use the portal to share their experiences as they continue their education in a variety of subjects.

“I have seen the community grow, and it’s amazing to see that we are getting a lot of teachers out to teach,” said Elizabeth Baeza, a former teacher who now teaches English in South Korea.

“I’ve also seen students take up new jobs in other fields as well, so it’s a great opportunity for them to have more freedom and a better job.”

“We all have to learn together, and we need to support each other,” said Michelle Gogok, a teacher from Korea who also works in Japan.

“This portal has helped us to reach a lot more students in a short time,” said a teacher in South Carolina, who asked to remain anonymous because he said he has never had the chance to share his experience with his students.

“There are so many students, teachers and teachers’ parents who have come to the site, and there is also a lot to learn.”