Teacher salaries for teachers in Texas rise after Hurricane Harvey

The average salary for teachers across Texas rose by $2,700 in August, as the state recovers from the devastating Hurricane Harvey, according to a report from the Dallas Morning News.

The increase comes after the Texas Association of Educators (TAA) reported that the salaries of teachers across the state had risen by $1,600 in August.

The TAA also reported that $5,400 of the increase was attributable to the cost of replacing and rebuilding schools after Harvey.

According to the TAA, the salaries increased after the state approved a $500 million package to help fund infrastructure in Texas.

“Teachers across Texas have seen their paychecks increase by over $1.6 million since August 2017,” TAA President and CEO Lila Nacin said in a statement.

“The recent hurricanes have provided an opportunity to address the long-standing challenges in Texas, including a shortage of school supplies and equipment, high teacher turnover, and a lack of teacher training.”

The TDA’s salaries have increased in every year since 2006, according the report.

“Texas teachers and school officials need to be paid at the same level,” said Nacen.

“If the state wants to provide a quality education to its students, it needs to invest in quality teachers.”