Teacher certification is coming to Texas, Texas teacher certification is here

A teacher certification program in Texas is set to launch this summer, allowing teachers to become certified by the Texas Board of Education, the state’s education department announced Monday.

The Texas Department of Education says the program, called Texas Teacher Certification, will be open to teachers of all levels in the state.

The program is aimed at providing support to educators who want to be certified, said Beth Williams, the department’s assistant secretary of education.

The program will begin in the fall, and it will be available to Texas teachers of any age who are currently enrolled in a Texas classroom.

Teachers who don’t have a Texas teacher credential will still be able to access the program.

Williams said the state will work to expand the program as needed.

The certification program will allow educators to gain access to the same professional education programs as Texas students.

The state’s Department of Public Instruction, which oversees the board’s certification program, said in a statement that the Texas Teacher Certifications Program will help to expand Texas’ teacher education and support Texas teachers to reach their full potential.

It is also expected to expand access to Texas schools and classrooms by providing an expanded training and career path for Texas educators. 

A state study in 2015 found that the number of teachers in Texas was below 60 percent of its overall population, and that the percentage of teachers with bachelor’s degrees and associate’s degrees in Texas fell to 28 percent from 30 percent in 2010.