‘Penguin’ and ‘Elysium’ stars join forces to create Disney Channel series

With its long-awaited return, Disney Channel’s “Penguins” is coming back for a third season, and the duo of “Elysion” star Emma Roberts and “Downton Abbey” actor Paul McGann have joined forces to make their own spinoff, titled “Parks and Recreation.”

The news comes via a Facebook post that shows a pair of animated penguins, each of whom is voiced by Roberts and McGann, sitting on a park bench.

Roberts and the penguins were recently spotted at a Disney Parks & Resorts event in Anaheim, California.

They’ll be joined by the voice cast of “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” actor/producer Adam Scott.

“Paint the Night” star Jessica Chastain, who plays a character named Daphne on “Dollhouse,” has also been cast as the character, and will be featured on “Pawn Stars,” the second season of the Disney Channel comedy series.

It’s unclear if “Paints the Night,” which premiered in 2019, will be returning in 2018 or 2019.

Roberts said that she’d like to be able to do “Panthers and Bears” again.

The duo’s animated show “Pants” was cancelled after two seasons.

“Echoes” actress Rachel McAdams was also spotted on the park bench, and she’ll play a character called “Sugar.”

It’s unknown if “Sugarcane” actress Olivia Wilde will be appearing on “Eagles of Death Metal.”

The two animated penguin characters will be joined on the first season of “Preston” by two other characters, “Pompey” character Emily Davenport and “Snoopy” character Tommy.

Disney Channel is not commenting on the status of “The Adventures of Pancho and Cucumber,” which aired on Disney Channel in 2019 and 2020.

Roberts told EW in January that she was excited to be reunited with her “Pioneer Penguin” character.

“When I first met her I thought, ‘Oh, my god, I’m so happy to be back,'” she said.

“She’s really cool and funny, and I love her to bits, and it’s so much fun to be around her.”