Octopus Teacher meme is a ‘lady friend’

A Facebook user who called herself the Octopus teacher posted a selfie of herself kissing a fellow teacher in a post about the popular “ladyfriend” meme.

“This is my first kiss,” the post reads.

“It was so sweet,” the caption reads.

The caption of the selfie also includes the line “I kissed the octopus” to which the other teacher responds with “I did”.

The caption also reads, “I was so proud to be your lady friend.”

It is unclear how long the teacher had been dating the octo-troll.

The woman who uploaded the selfie on Tuesday, who is currently working as a nurse teacher, told The Hindu that she had a crush on the octoplane teacher.

“He is so sweet and so caring, he makes me feel special,” the woman, who does not want to be identified, said.

“The octopus is my teacher.

I was so happy to be able to teach him.”

The woman added that she is still in touch with the teacher.

The teacher is also seen in the photos with other students in other classes.

“I can’t believe she (the octo teacher) was so close with me,” one of the students in the class, who did not want the name of the other student to be shared, said on Twitter.


I never thought I would get to meet a teacher.

Thank you Octopus!

Love, a real teacher!”

The octo teachers face controversy due to his controversial comments on marriage equality.

A Facebook page for the teacher has been set up in the name “Julia, Julie, Juni, and Juni”, which is the title of the teacher’s profile page.

The page was set up by the same user who uploaded a photo of herself and the octomom teacher kissing on Tuesday.

“She is very sweet and I think she would make a great lady friend,” the user said.