“Home,” Scene Four

The stage is divided into two parts. The first is Lisa’s room. It very simple, only a bed and a dresser. She is sitting on the bed, and her phone is on the dresser. On the other side, KAYLEE is sitting at a table holding a phone and dialing a number. Lisa’s phone rings.

LISA: (Picks up phone) Hello?

KAYLEE: Lisa! It’s Kaylee.

LISA: Kaylee! How are you? How is Muhanga?

KAYLEE: Oh, I love it so much! Teaching preschool is amazing; the kids are so so sweet. What about you? How’s teaching English?

LISA: It’s a little difficult. I’m realizing how irregular and confusing English can be. I had to explain gerunds to my intermediate class today. I bet half of the people I graduated with don’t even know what a gerund is.

KAYLEE: (Laughs) You should have taught everyone in American proper grammar before going abroad.

LISA: But that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

KAYLEE: Is Kibuye beautiful? Everyone here says the lake is gorgeous.

LISA: I’ve seen it, but I haven’t had the time to go up close yet.

KAYLEE: It sounds like your job is taking a lot out of you.

LISA: It’s a challenge. I don’t know how to relate to the refugees. They feel so displaced because they’re Congolese but don’t have a home in Congo anymore. They live in Rwanda but they don’t identify as Rwandan.

KAYLEE: You can relate to that. You’re an American living in Rwanda.

LISA: Yes, but I still have a home in America. I have roots that I can go back to, and the opportunity to plant new roots all around the world. I have an abundance of homes. These people, they have homes, but they’re homeless.

KAYLEE: I never thought of it that way.

LISA: I’m learning so much, it’s a little overwhelming.

KAYLEE: If you ever need to clear your mind, come join me in Muhanga sometime. I bet playing with the preschoolers would be really refreshing.

LISA: (Laughs) No, that’s okay. I think I like it here. This place is starting to feel like home.

KAYLEE: I’m happy for you. Listen, I have to go, my roommate and I are going to Kigali for the weekend. Call me if you need anything.

LISA: Have fun! Say hi to everyone for me.

KAYLEE: Will do. Get some rest this weekend.

LISA: Thanks, I will. Bye, Kaylee.


KAYLEE hangs up her phone and walks offstage. LISA is still sitting on her bed.

LISA: This place really is starting to feel like home.

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