“Home,” Scene Three

LISA, MARIE CHANTAL, and EMMANUEL walk onstage. There is a table with three chairs. They sit. WAITER approaches.

WAITER: Welcome to Cannabera. What would you like?

EMMANUEL: We would all like chipati.

WAITER: Would you like drinks?

LISA: I’ll have icyayi, please.



WAITER: What kind of Fanta?


WAITER: I will be right back. (He walks away)

EMMANUEL: Risa, why did you choose to come to Rwanda?

LISA: I wanted to teach English.

EMMANUEL: Why Rwanda? Our country is developing country and has bad history.

LISA: Rwanda is a beautiful country. I love everyone I have met here.

MARIE CHANTAL: You did not have the fear?

LISA: I was afraid to be far from home, but now I am very happy here.

The WAITER returns to the table. He places a plate of chipati on the table, and gives a mug to LISA and Fanta bottles to MARIE CHANTAL and EMMANUEL.

EMMANUEL: The bread is called chipati. You can eat it alone or scoop up beans and cabbage.

LISA breaks off a piece of the bread and dips it in the beans. She takes a bite.

MARIE CHANTAL: Do you like it?

LISA: Yego, sawa cyane!

EMMANUEL: You like it! And your Kinyarwanda, it is very good.

LISA: Thank you.

EMMANUEL: How long are you staying in Rwanda?

LISA: Two years.

MARIE CHANTAL: Have you been to Congo?

LISA: No. I would like to visit Uganda soon.

EMMANUEL: Do you miss home?

LISA: I miss home very much, but I love being here.

MARIE CHANTAL: Earlier you said home is a place you should love and want to stay.

LISA: I love my home in America because my family is there. When I go home, I will be happy. But maybe soon Rwanda will be my other home.

WAITER: You are finished?

LISA: Yego, murakoze cyane.

WAITER: (laughs) The mzungu, she speak Kinyarwanda!

MARIE CHANTAL: She is living in Rwanda and speaking language of Rwanda.

EMMANUEL: Factile, please.

The WAITER gives them a receipt.

LISA: I will pay. (She places a few bills on the table.)

MARIE CHANTAL: Thank you, Lisa.

LISA: Thank you for showing me around Kibuye and chipati. It was such a good day.

MARIE CHANTAL: It is raining.

LISA: Oh, no. It’s such a long walk back to Kiziba.

MARIE CHANTAL: You live in Kibuye town.

LISA: What about you?

EMMANUEL: We will walk to Kiziba.

LISA: Let me pay for your motos.

MARIE CHANTAL: No motos will go so far in rain.

LISA: Would you like to stay at my house?

MARIE CHANTAL: I must be home for my children.

LISA: I understand. I will see you on Tuesday for class.

MARIE CHANTAL: Thank you, Miss Lisa.

EMMANUEL: Goodbye Risa!

They walk separate ways.

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