“Home,” Scene One

An African market: colorful kitenge, people bartering, and lots of noise, animals, and pandemonium. Two Americans, LISA and KAYLEE, are walking through the stalls.

MERCHANT: Sister, welcome to Rwanda! I will make you a kitenge dress! Only four thousand francs!

LISA: No, thank you.

MERCHANT: Cheaper than anywhere else in the market!

LISA: Maybe we’ll be back later.

KAYLEE: The market stresses me out. Will you stay with me to help me say no to people? If I go on my own, I’ll buy everything.

LISA: No problem. I just need to pick up some skirts from Josephine.

KAYLEE: I hope they’re ready. It’s our last day in Kigali before going to our new homes. We’ll be official PeaceCorp members!

LISA: Where are you going again?

KAYLEE: Muhanga, teaching at a preschool. What about you?

LISA: I’m going to be living in Kibuye, by Lake Kivu, and teaching English at Kiziba Refugee Camp.

KAYLEE: It sounds like a big responsibility. You must be nervous.

LISA: I am. I’m terrified that I won’t be good at teaching it because I don’t speak Kinyarwanda.

KAYLEE: You speak French, right? A lot of people here speak French.

LISA: Yes, but imagine learning a third language through your second language.

KAYLEE: I don’t even have a second language.

LISA: It’s kind of ironic how we come from halfway around the world to teach our only language to people who already speak two or three.

KAYLEE: I understand why, though. English is more useful.

LISA: Hopefully it will help them get better jobs.

KAYLEE: It sounds like a challenge. I guess you aren’t one for comfort zones.

LISA: If I wanted my comfort zone, I would have stayed in the U.S. There’s Josephine!

JOSEPHINE is in her market stall, which is covered in fabric and has a small elevated platform.


LISA and KAYLEE: Nimeza.

JOSEPHINE: You are leaving so soon, it makes me so sad. Come, try on your clothes!

JOSEPHINE hands KAYLEE a dress and LISA several skirts. KAYLEE climbs onto the stall’s platform and JOSEPHINE holds up a large piece of fabric so she can change. LISA wraps a skirt around her waist.

JOSEPHINE: It is a little long.

LISA: It will fit my sister. She’s taller than I am. Kaylee, how does the dress look?

KAYLEE: (comes out from behind fabric piece) Ta-da!

LISA: Oh, I love it!

KAYLEE: (Hands money to JOSEPHINE) Murakoze Cyane, Josephine!

JOSEPHINE: Yego. When do you leave?

LISA: (Hands money to JOSEPHINE) Tomorrow morning.

JOSEPHINE: I will miss you so much. Be sure to come back and visit next time you are in Kigali.

LISA and KAYLEE begin to walk away.

LISA: We will! See you soon!

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