YoungLives Camp

yl1If you frequent my blog, you’ve probably read at least one article about YoungLives. If you aren’t familiar with the ministry, it’s a branch of Young Life specifically for teen moms. I’m extremely passionate about the beautiful this work this organization is doing. This past week, I got a chance to participate in their service on the Young Lives camp childcare team at Timber Wolf Lake, Michigan.

On the plane ride there, I re-read My Truth: Testimony of a Teen Mom by Dr. Nicole Better. Although Dr. Better is not affiliated with Young Lives, her story of unplanned pregnancy, abuse, breast cancer, education, motherhood, faith, and healing provided me with the inspiration and energy I needed for the week.


That inspiration and energy turned out to be more essential than predicted when our nurseries were plagued by a 24-hour stomach bug. Fortunately, the camp staff took the initiative to provide stellar care to sick kids and not interfere with the mothers’ camping experience.

One of my favorite things about camp was that we didn’t just serve, eat, and sleep. The childcare team fully participated in camp activities, like zip-lining over the lake and being led by Crystal Kirgiss in daily devotions. (Follow her blog—she’ll take your breath away!)


After camp, I spent the weekend in Chicago with my good friend Indi. We spent Saturday exploring the city, eating deep-dish pizza, and trying to figure out why a city needs a giant steel bean. On Sunday, we attended a church service on Sunrise Beach. The pastor gave a wonderful homily about the difference between fact and truth in the Bible. I also enjoyed eating snow-cones before church and swimming in Lake Michigan afterwards.

Young Lives proves every day that the love of Jesus Christ lives on. I pray that we all discover our calling to demonstrate that same love.


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