Angels & Inspiration

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting some truly inspiring women at Angels and Inspiration, a fundraiser for YoungLives. Special guests included two writers, an illustrator, a singer, and a blogger. I was ecstatic to see a blogger among the midst of this array of talents. Blogging is the final frontier of journalism, as well as an emerging field of creativity. While social media satisfies the craving for asynchronous networking, blogging allows for a more personal form of self-expression. Despite the benefits of writing a blog, it’s rare to see one formally recognized offline—hence, why I was so excited about Barbara Ruglio.

I met Barbara at Angels and Inspiration, an afternoon tea fundraiser for Central Jersey YoungLives. Click on the photo to learn more about YoungLives.

Barbara is one of those bloggers whose talent shines through her website. She lives a busy life as an administrative business writer, mother, grandmother, and wife. She and her husband of thirty-four years mentor engaged couples. She leads and writes discussion questions for a women’s Bible study group. In addition to this busy life, she lives another as a blogger sharing her faith with the world. Her blogging career began in 2006, but the journey started at age seventeen when she began spiritual journaling:

I have been journaling since I was sixteen. That is a good long time ago now. Then I wrote on spiral notebooks, pasting in cut-up pictures from magazines, doodling in the margins. It was something I did because I had to, like I would explode if the words did not come out of my hands and onto the page. Rantings and questions and prayers rolled out onto the pages.

—Barbara Ruglio

She says that her blog is an extension of her journal. I, too, began with a journal. When I was fifteen, I wrote a page in my journal every day for a year. This enhanced my enthusiasm for writing and is one of the reasons why I took three years of journalism class in high school. My senior year in high school, I started a blog for my school newspaper. I already loved writing, but I discovered a newfound passion for web design and HTML coding. Even though I’ve moved on to college and left my high school blog behind, I still check the Hi’s Eye updates and am proud of the progress they are making. Here’s an excerpt from my favorite article of the year so far, by Westfield High School student Bronte Healey on motherhood and blogging:

I wanted to get my story out because there is so much negative stigma about being a teen mom and I’m doing very well. I am excelling in school and motherhood. My family and I could have felt sorry for ourselves and given up, but instead we decided to make it a positive thing. I’m so proud of the way my family carried themselves throughout this adventure. They never ever made me feel like I should be embarrassed; they embraced my pregnancy and me.

—Bronte Healey

As an English student and aspiring writer, I would love to call myself many things: a novelist, a poet, a journalist, a teacher, an author…the list goes on. For now, I am just a dreamer and a blogger. For now, that’s enough.

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